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Ride With Your Mind creator, Mary Wanless, BHSI, BSc, & Senior RWYM coach, Ali Wakelin, share the secrets of skill-building with you through step-by-step certification programmes, and a vast library of video courses.

Defining the problem, enabling the solution

Mary Wanless and Ali Wakelin guide you on the pathway to ethtical and skilled training, and riding of your horse

Have you ever wondered how elite riders achieve success with their horses?

Mary Wanless and Ali Wakelin can help you build a better relationship with your horse, through a deeper understanding of how horses learn, and by helping you become a super-learner! Begin your evolution towards a better connection with your horse, and a developed skillset.

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What people don't realise is that people are sensational because of the fundamentals


Barry Larkin,
Former professional baseball player

Discover the entire alphabet of skills to support the development of training from the basics of groundwork, right through towards advanced movements

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