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I am Mary Wanless, founder of the Rider Biomechanics movement, International Coach and best-selling author. With my team of coaches and our online presence, we can help you refine your seat and become the rider that can help your horse use his body more effectively! You’re probably already successful at what you do – we can accelerate your progress to the next level.

The way you sit has a profound effect on your horse, and for each little change you make he changes too. Learn how this works and you and your horse become winners as you reach a new level of mutual understanding.

Rider Biomechanics offers the path to using your body to interact with your horse in an optimal way. This is far more than riding lessons – we have toolkits that help you and your horse become super-learners, so you quickly start to build the skills that enable you to find those elusive extra marks.

Mary Wanless

We can help you in so many ways

Online Learning

Online we offer a vast library of courses to suit you and your horse, all focussed on the Ride With Your Mind approach to Rider Biomechanics. One of our senior coaches will guide you to your best starting point and offer online feedback as you progress.

Our material starts in the classroom delivering vital content on the learning process and, before you apply new learning in the saddle, you can gain an understanding of our methods and approaches. This is a significant advance on traditional teaching where you have to split your attention between riding the horse and absorbing brand-new information. You can master understanding before you make adjustments in the saddle.

In person Coaching

We have a network of accredited coaches in the UK ready to help you master the foundations of Rider Biomechanics and then help you apply them to your training and competitive outings. They are Rider Biomechanics specialists and collectively embody hundreds of years of in-person experience. And, of course, Mary supports them both in their training and with clients who are ready to benefit from her cutting-edge work.


This year we are launching new content specifically for more experienced riders, to help them refine their lateral work and beyond towards the Grand Prix movements. We’re really excited to share this with you so do leave us your email so we can let you know when it is ready! And, in the meantime, get prepared by learning about the building blocks of Rider Biomechanics online.

And have more fun!

‘Fun’ means different things to different people. Fun can be had in your work at home, as well as in competition, with improved ridability, improved marks, and the delight of creating a new personal best. We hope that as your sitting and aids become optimised for your horse, he too will find more pleasure in his work.

We're here to support your journey

Did you find what you were looking for? It’s so hard to describe over 40 years of research that has benefitted thousands of riders from pre-competition to preparation for Olympic Dressage – we are certain we have left something out!

If you’re happy with your progress and your horse is happy too then please carry on – we are happy for you both. If you think it might be time to add to your coaching team but you’re not quite sure how, then let us know.

There’s a lot written about Rider Biomechanics and some of it is perhaps not always helpful. If you’re unclear or uncertain then tell us about your doubts – we have the Founder of the Rider Biomechanics Movement on hand to provide high-quality answers, grounded in years of research

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